One of a kind signature Jewellery ! 

Our story started on May 2011 with a small home atelier based on statement jewellery where the woven bracelets blended with high quality metals and stones.

We are at the heart of every major fashion look, finding out more about the woman behind beautiful Arabian-inspired Our collections where the embroidery is  blended with crystals, semi precious stones and hand made enamel high-end jewellery. 

The hand-stitched intricate pieces are a dazzling blend of brilliant semi precious stones and enamel gold flowers high-end jewelry world for every new season. 

The multi-faceted designs are wonderfully evocative of the fleeting female nature and brilliantly capture the mood of every and any occasion –one of a kind of  signature jewellery that is difficult to find.

After atelier at Grandbazaar , our retail store which we finally opened on February 2020  at Bagdat Street Saskinbakkal  Istanbul.

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